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Should You Wait to Sell Your Home After The Holidays?

Wednesday, October 20, 2021   /   by Brian Armstrong

Should You Wait to Sell Your Home After The Holidays?

Should You Wait to Sell Your Home After The Holidays?

The cold weather is creeping in fast and so is the holiday season! As you prepare to start the process of selling your home you may be asking yourself if you should sell your home now or wait to sell in the spring. This is a common question, and the answer may surprise you! The holidays actually bring a few great opportunities for you to capture buyers so read on to see how you can capitalize them!

1.       All Eyes on You

Winter often has a lower percentage of homes on the market than in the spring. Some sellers choose to take their home off the market at this time to focus on spending time with their families, but this presents an opportunity for you to showcase your home with less competition. Buyers will still be looking for homes during this time of year, and with fewer homes on the market your home will stand out! With all eyes on your property, you may even generate several interested parties bidding to purchase your home for top dollar!


2.       Holiday House Appeal

During the holiday’s houses have a little extra dazzle that can really give a warm and friendly feel to your home. It is important to note that you should be cautious to not overdo your decorations, simple lights and small decorations go a long way! In addition to your property, your local community will also be in the festive spirit with lights and other appealing events and fun! These small details can help make connections with your potential buyers and draw them into loving your neighborhood. These emotional connections can really make this a great time for you to maximize your home’s value!


3.       Buyers In This Season Are Motivated

Summer house shopping is a bit more glamourous than in the winter, but you will also lower the number of unmotivated buyers that are window shopping at your open house. The colder months bring forth more buyers who are bearing the weather because they are determined to find their next dream home. Additionally, those who are spending their coveted family time looking for homes during the holiday season are often ready to make an offer on the right property. Listing your house and finding those serious buyers can help you sell quickly and net more money.


4.       Emotionally Driven Buyers

The holiday spirit generally lifts the moods of potential buyers and as we know in real estate, people buy properties based on emotions! Whether it’s spending more time with friends and family, religious beliefs, or even just some fun winter decorations, there is a positive mood in the air that can transfer into your home selling process. While the emotional draw can only go so far, it can absolutely put your property in a better light and help you sell quickly, and fetch a fair value for your home


While others will take this season off from selling their homes your opportunity to make a sale grows. Leverage this time to put your home on the market and spritz your home up with a bit of holiday cheer! If you still have questions about selling during the holiday season reach out to us at listings@strongwillvt.com and one of our Listing Specialists can share more valuable information with you!