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Wednesday, October 6, 2021   /   by Brian Armstrong

Inheriting Property In Vermont

You have inherited a house… now what? Inheriting a house while often a generous gift can also be the start of an emotional journey. It is common to inherit property as a result of a loved one’s death, and now you have several choices ahead of you as a result.
To best navigate your situation, you should seek the advice of a tax and or finance professional to truly understand your position. We are not tax professionals, and this article is merely a guide to outline some of the options you have available. With professional guidance, you will know all your options and should have a clearer path forward!
Do I Owe Taxes On Inherited Property?
One of the most common questions we see when someone inherits a house is “Do I owe taxes on this?” Vermont does not have an inheritance tax, but it does have an estate tax, and of course the federal estate tax. The estate tax in Vermont is intended for the estates of Vermont residents, and the estates of non-residents who owm ...

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021   /   by Karissa Sailer

5 Packing Tips To Consider Before Your Big Move

Packing your home or apartment can be one of the most stressful parts of the moving process. There’s a lot of factors that go into it, such as time management, budgeting, appropriate packing materials, and so much more. Below you’ll find 5 packing tips that will make your experience quicker, less stressful, and easier to manage 
Tip 1: Declutter - Now is a great time to get rid of that t-shirt you’ve been “saving for the right event” for the last 7 years! You’re heading into a new space and in turn,  you should shed what you no longer have a purpose for. This could mean donating old clothing to your local thrift store or tossing that Tupperware you haven’t seen the lid for in months. We tend to collect things over time that we don’t really need/use and it can make things like moving even more difficult. That’s why this is a great opportunity to tackle it now! Less to pack, less to worry about.
Tip 2: Manage Your Time - Im ...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021   /   by Brian Armstrong

Best Fall Foliage Spots in Vermont

As late September nights deliver brisk air to the green mountains, the trees that line our peaks and valleys begin to transform into their bright and vibrant colors. This beautiful fall scenery is known in New England as fall foliage, and Vermont is one of the best places to view these magnificent landscapes. While fall foliage can be appreciated almost anywhere in the state, we have handpicked some of our favorite drives with great views of this yearly phenomenon!

Smuggler’s Notch Pass 
If you have ever traveled on Route 108 or as locals call it “The Notch” connecting Jeffersonville to Stowe, you know what a scenic drive it is through the hills of Mount Mansfield. During the fall season, the views on this trail are stunning, and the forest-laced road with many twists and turns makes for some of the best foliage viewings in the state! As you pass through you will find many pull-offs and hiking trails if you are looking for a more adventurous trip through the ...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021   /   by Christine Elwood

How the Pandemic has Paved the Path for Future Home Selling

The last year and a half have been challenging for people across the globe, and many industries have had to adapt to keep providing service to keep up with demand. For the real estate industry, this was no different. With extreme uncertainty and fast-paced market movements, the real estate industry saw a massive shift in how people bought and sold homes. Even though these changes were a response to the pandemic, we expect some changes will remain in the short run, and some will stick around for good.

Market Speed
Whether you are buying your first house or looking to maximize your profit from the sale of your home, you may be overwhelmed by the speed of today's market. With inventory remaining low, it can be hard as a buyer to find your dream home, and when you do, the property may come off the market in as fast as a few hours. On the other side, sellers with strong marketing are experiencing a high volume of showings and multiple offer situations that need to be vetted quickly. Tak; ...

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Friday, March 23, 2018   /   by Cole Elwood

This is a must read if you are thinking of selling your home in the next 6 months-

There are many economic variables to consider when selling your home when interest rates are rising. If that’s the only changing economic variable, you’re generally going to see a negative impact on both home sales and home prices. This means as interest rates rise, the buyer pool for your home is going to shrink.
In 2008, the Federal Reserve set rates at 0.25 percent because of the recession and the lack of buyer confidence or demand. Since then, buyer confidence and buyer demand have risen. In December 2015, rates climbed to 0.5 percent and continued to rise to where they are today at 1.5 percent. The Fed has noted rates will rise to 2 percent in 2018 and then 3 percent by 2020.
What Happens to the Ability to Sell Your Home With These Rises in Interest Rates?If interest rates rise 1 percent and all other economic factors remain the same, purchasing power for homebuyers will decrease by just over 11 percent; therefore, every quarter-percent (0.25 percent) rise of interes. ...

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